Elementary Strings

Presented through the cooperative efforts of The Arts Council of the Conejo Valley, Conejo Valley Unified School District, and The Conejo Recreation & Park District.


Students in the strings music program will be instructed on their respective instruments, learning proper technique and method, as well as learning to read music and understand basic musical theory. The members of the class will also rehearse and play together as a group in preparation for concerts performed throughout the year.

The Beginning Elementary Strings Program is for 1st year musicians who would like to play violin, viola, or cello.  Group string classes meet twice a week for a half an hour before school. The Elementary Strings Program is held in two semesters and runs for the entire year.  

I hope you will consider this opportunity for your young musician to gain the enrichment of music study, at a relatively low cost. If your child is interested, please complete the enrollment form, attach payment and return to your school office. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email. 

Daniel Palomino 

(805) 498-1573


Registration is two step process

1) Fill out online Registration Form

2) Pay online at Hillcrestarts.com

Classes will begin Tuesday, September 12.  (All Students regardless of instrument and parents are welcome on the first day.) Instruments not needed on first day.

Semester I            Sept. 12

Semester II           Jan. 24


All interested students in grades 3, 4 and 5. Students must maintain class work and be responsible for any work missed during class.


Music students are expected to conform to acceptable standards of behavior, just as in any other school activity.  If a student displays unacceptable behavior, he/she will be warned and the parents will be phoned.  If there is a second occurrence, the student will be sent back to classroom for the lesson.  On the third instance, the student will be expelled from the strings music program. No make-up lessons or refunds will be given for behavior-related incidences.


Students in the early years of instrumental music study need parental encouragement, involvement and guidance.  At least 30 minutes per day five days a week is needed for practice.  Parents and students should discuss the best time and place for daily practice so that the student is not distracted by other activities. Private lessons are highly encouraged.


Once you have decided on your instrument (violin, viola, cello or bass), students and parents are responsible for providing instruments and equipment.  The instructor at no extra charge will provide any supplemental material.  Students may purchase or rent instruments from any of the music stores to the left:


Any final determination about what instrument you actually end up learning will be made with the following priorities in mind:

 1. Mr. Palomino's evaluation of student's strengths 

2. Consideration of the overall balance of instruments within the program.

3. Student's preferences of instrument.


See below for where to get an instrument.  Warning!! Avoid buying online. (amazon, costco, ebay, etc...)

Newbury Park

(661) 212-8531 or (661) 755-9418

Make an appointment with Cyndi Hall's Music Studio here>Rental Form

Agoura Hills 

(818) 991-3750


Semester I            Sept. 12

Semester II           Jan. 24

Each semester = $230.00


Please go to www.sycamorecanyonmusic.com/elementary-music/elementary-strings for further information and the two step registration process.  There you will find the online form and the link for the payment.  Payments can be made at www.hillcrestarts.com/cvusd-strings.php or by calling (805) 381-2747.

For Payments

Required Materials for individual Instruments

A folding music stand is suggested for practice at home is optional.

Other vendors of Quality Student Instruments in Los Angeles:  www.cauer.com    www.benningviolins.com