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What is Concert Choir?

Concert choir is a class where students learn to sing together. Throughout the year there will be solo opportunities for students, but the primary focus will be on choral singing and technique. Students will explore a variety of choral literature, ranging from great classical works to American favorites.

California State Visual and Performing Arts Standards

    • Students read, notate, listen to, analyze and describe music using the terminology of music.

    • Students apply vocal skills in performing a varied repertoire of music.

    • Students analyze the role of music in past and present cultures throughout the world, noting cultural diversity as it relates to music, musicians and composers.

This class is designed for the introduction and expansion of ensemble singing. The main areas of study will include proper rehearsal techniques, proper singing techniques and musicianship training. The class meets during 5th period every day and is a year long course. My hope is that you will be able to foster an appreciation for music and the art of singing during the course of this class.

I look forward to assisting everyone in furthering their choral experience.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns. ~Mr. and Mrs. Palomino


· Be on time with all materials in hand

· Do not talk once the rehearsal begins

· Remain in your seat and stay focused on the task at hand

· Be proud of your abilities and maintain a positive attitudes

· Work hard—give 100 % of what you have to give

· Be responsible and dedicated to our common goals

· Be polite and treat everyone with courtesy and respect

· Have fun and enjoy the music we make, so that others may share our enthusiasm

Do these things daily so they become habits. Then, when we perform, all the skills and techniques which are taught in class will be second nature to you, and you will be able to give yourself totally to expressing the music!!


· All school rules will be adhered to. In additions, these are my choir room rules:

· Be prompt: You must be seated and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.

· Be prepared: Come to class with appropriate supplies, materials and assignments

· Be polite: Treat others as you wish to be treated

· Do not disrupt the class in any way

· Keep hands and feet to yourself

· NO foods, drinks or gum, Bottled water is okay.

In order for all students to have a positive learning experience, on the occasion that any school or classroom rules are broken:

    • First offense = points off

    • Second offense = additional points off and parent contact

    • Third offense = referral to principal and possible removal from class


If you can talk, you can sing. If you are contagious, you should not be in school. If your voice is rough, you may “mark” (sing lightly). You must have a doctor’s note if you can’t participate due to medical reasons.


You will earn grades academically through the following means of assessment:

10% Class Assignments/Quizzes

    • Music Theory book

20% Participation Assessed at the discretion of the Director according to the following criteria:

    • Is the student in their seat with their music ready to begin class when the bell rings?

    • Is the student giving their best effort throughout the rehearsal to learn their part and to develop their skills?

    • Students will be continually evaluated during the semester.

20% Attitude

    • Assessed at the discretion of the Director according to the following criteria:

    • Is the student serious during rehearsals?

    • Does the student follow the directions of choir authority?

    • Is their behavior in any way disruptive?

    • Students will be continually evaluated during the semester.

50% Attendance of rehearsals and concerts

    • Recorded by the director

    • Excessive excused absences could negatively affect your grade.

    • Dress rehearsals are mandatory and are often held in class on the day of a performance.

    • The director may request a note from a physician for excessive absences.

    • You must attend all concerts and performances in order to get an “A” in this class.


A = 90 - 100%, B= 80 - 89%, C= 70 - 79%, D= 60 - 69%, F= 0 - 59%



The primary source of funding for the SCMS Music Department is through donations. These funds are used to cover the cost of running a chorus program i.e.: choral accompanist salary, specialized vocal music instructors and/or choreographers, purchase of music and Rights and much more. Suggested Donation is $100.00 for the full year per student. The money we make is the money we have. Donation payments can be paid with either cash or check. Please make checks payable to SCS/Music. Please write your child’s name on the check/Music. For example: Mary Smith/Choir.

Students who qualify for the free/reduced lunch program may receive a choral scholarship. Contact Mr. Palomino