Volunteer Opportunities

While the Instrumental Music Department grows with the skills of the students who chose to participate in it, the Music Program can only be as strong as the families, friends, and community members who stand behind it.

For the 2016-2017 year, we are creating teams to meet the needs of the music program at Sycamore Canyon.  

1.  Action Team.  A core group of 6-8 parents who can meet with the Mr. & Mrs. Palomino and me once monthly to plan for and coordinate upcoming events.  We will meet needs and solve problems together.  One of our primary objectives will be the coordination of Disneyland Festival trip.  This feat of mastery includes organizing the transportation, supervision and safe return of the students. It is an awesome thing to be a part of whether you chose to actually go with the masses to Disneyland or not.  :)

2.  Nutrition team.  This team will help manage, set up and serve the dinners we provide at a nominal cost to all band, chorus, and strings students before their concerts.  This assistance is usually from 4:15-5:45pm on concert nights. It pretty much guarantees you and your family prime seating for the event.

Concert night pizza dinners:  12/1/16, 12/7/16, 12/8/16, 5/11/16, 5/17/16, 5/18/16

All District Festival sandwich dinners:  4/18/16, 4/25/17, 5/22/17

3.  Bake Sale Kitchen Crew and Bake Sale Team.  Let me preface this with the fact that bake sales have, in the past, brought in up to $3000 per year.  These proceeds have paid for the instrument tuners, instrument racks, and the music room's sound system used on a daily basis.  They have even helped pay for many of the instruments that are crucial to the music program - including the new piano, a tuba, and a full-size cello.  While our much-appreciated donations help cover the music program's annual expenses, fundraising events such as our bake sales help the program grow.  There are two teams to outline here.  The Kitchen Crew consists of bakers and buyers.  Bake from scratch or box.   I have great bake sale no-fail recipes for Rice Krispie treats and brownies if you are interested.  Trader Joes makes great mixes.  Costco has to-die-for chocolate cake and brownie bites.  If you are on the Kitchen Crew I'd reach out to you on the weeks of bake sale events to bake or buy tasty goods for us to sell.  For those of you who have been at Sycamore for a few years, you will likely remember how fun these events are for families and their performing students.  Goods would be dropped off at the Band Room or at one parent's home the night before and/or day of an event.  The Bake Sale Team would oversee setup, sales, and take-down at bake sale events.  Set up would start at 5:00-5:30pm with final clean up ending by 8pm.  I would need 2-3 parents to work each event.

Bake sale events:  12/1, 12/7+12/8, 12/13, 

                               2/1+2/2, 2/22+2/23


                               5/4, 5/11, 5/17+5/18, 5/24+5/25

If you are interreseted in joining any of these teams, please fill out the following e-form.  This is not a contract!  Nor does it imply that you would be available for every date listed above.  This just lets us know that you are interested. 

Once our kids enter middle school it becomes very difficult to be a campus-involved parent.  Being a volunteer in the music program allows you to be active in their lives.  It's also a fun social time.  You will enjoy yourself, meet new people, show your kid you care, and help a most excellent cause.  

Amgen Employees:  please click here to learn more about the opportunities available to Amgen employees who volunteer.