Amgen Employees

For the gift of 15 hours of your time (during off hours or on a vacation day), Amgen will gift $500 to the program to which you volunteered.  Any time you donate your services to the Music Program counts.   This includes the transportation and supervision of music students.

·         For an initial 15 hours of individual volunteer service for an eligible organization, a staff volunteer may request a Volunteer Service Grant of $500 to the eligible organization that received the volunteer service.

·         Each hour of individual volunteer service performed after the initial 15 hours for the same eligible organization will yield $25 per hour, up to an annual maximum of $2,000 per full-time staff member and $1,000 annual maximum per part-time staff member.

·         The volunteer period submitted to the Amgen Foundation through ASVP must start and end within the same calendar year... so it will run from Jan through Dec.  You have until the following Jan to enter your hours for the previous year.  It generally takes about 60 days for Amgen Foundation to process the $500 check for your 15 hours of service.

·         Hours cannot be combined between two or more eligible organizations that have received volunteer service.

·         The grants are paid monthly.

·         The website to access from the Amgen home page is:

o        Under ASVP click Get Started

o        If this is your first time at this site you will need to click “Search for Organization (on the left)

o        Under Search for Organization – Organization name type in”%sycamore canyon” plus location details.  then click search

o        Sycamore Canyon Elementary School will pop up (along with the Booster’s club for the school too).  I believe you want the school only.

o        Under Options, click “record hours”

o        Fill out the details

o        Date, Description, Location, Start time, End Time, Affinity Group (Amgen’s Groups if any), Other Amgen Participants, Activity Contact – make sure to include Room 52 / Middle School Band here

o        Then Click next and finish the entry.

Please advise Andrea Horita ( when you have submitted your ASVP form so that she can contact the school office and follow up on correct placement of grant funds into band account.   Many thanks to Margaret Lynch for putting this helpful information together.